All Washed Up

All basic tracks for the second CD >>All Washed Up<< have been completed--mixing and mastering up next. when Jesus wept did he really break down and cry or was there just one moan-like sob the kind that men make maybe once or twice in their life -- the kind that puts a hush on the womenfolk regardless how brilliant or inept they might regard a man otherwise . . . the apostle I could never be was made clear the time I broke down and the womenfolk just kept on talking as if nothing and myself were new-made synonyms for a world wrapped up in ignoring the dangers of hell actually one woman came over and said now nothing could be so bad as to make a grown man cry -- wouldn't you like a nice piece of pie as I climbed back on my horse I said you know ma'am the secret to a good pie is in the crust and the secret to a good man is in the dust he doesn't raise when making his approach or getaway

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