From the recording Living in a Shoe


Living in a Shoe

I can’t take my eyes off of you

Somehow I know you’ve got the clue

To everything beneath the sky so blue

So swing me up baby it’s monkey see monkey do

Everything and nothing is quite true

The only thing you know is what you do

So why are you still living in a shoe

When cedar, birch, and pine can pull you through

I can’t believe I’ve wasted a lifetime down there on my knees

Polishing the boots of my oppressor made shiny by my own greed

But baby the stars still shine at night if from the city you flee

For all my battles I’ve great plans

But they keep slipping from my hand

The pretty butterfly upon my nose

Is presently more interesting than bludgeoning my foes

The only animals are we

Who practice slavery

With God and guns and guts and worthless golden dust

Better hope the stars keep burning bright until we can find the light

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