From the recording It's Everyone's Birthday


It’s Everyone’s Birthday

Someone told me not to go to the Emerald Isle

cause someone like you would never want to leave

Someone told me not to set my sights too high

cause someone like you my friend would get eaten alive

))))))now everything is swirling passing by just like a dream

((((((as a woman’s voice or maybe God’s keeps whispering

it’s everyone’s birthday ^^^^^

Someone told me not to dream beyond my means

but as Hamlet said, "What is a man if his chief good be but to sleep and stuff his gullet?"

Someone told me not to listen to negative jerks

but that’s already one of the few dreamer’s perks

((((((((((now everything is shining with the light of unquestioned being

)))))))))))as emanative powers keep elaborating

it’s everyone’s birthday ^_^_^_^_^

am I still falling?

why haven’t I hit the ground?

who in the world in their right mind could keep looking for something

that can never be found?

you can’t stop now -- you might as well believe

cause there’s miles and miles to go before you get to sleep

miles and miles to go before

you sleep


will I ever be ready to go?

why must I be so infernally slow?

and now I’m up I’m on my way I’ve been advised

by a Guinness-breathed Irishman in a pub who told me, "You take everything you hear and divide it by five."

and carry the remainder

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