From the recording Home from Europe


home from Europe


In Paris they really kiss on the street

Three times with anybody you meet

You just lean and offer your cheek

And voila a stranger becomes unique

In Amsterdam they sit on their bikes

Straight up speeding right next to trams with no fright

The water is there I can tell by the lights

As the whole city leans by canals in the night

Then the shaky steel plane drops me back down in America

Where people run from buildings as if bombs were falling down

And now I cannot pledge allegiance to this business crown

Where people speak in numbers and there’s one too many frowns


I remember the Hague I remember the beach

I remember singing Beatle songs live on the streets

I remember the woman who tossed in a five-mark piece

As a freak danced beside us just out of reach

Ireland does make you dream

Of how idyllic life might have been

If science hadn’t spoiled the world’s natural cream

By cutting down anything that stood tall and green

And then the over-stuffed plane drops me back down . . .

Better get yourself a good winter coat

You’re gonna need it way up there

Find yourself a good winter coat

And then wrap it around you tightly

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