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Michael Caufield: News

one step closer - March 18, 2013

Bob put another nice video together by mixing footage from his many treks into the wilderness surrounding Seattle to a slow Harrison-like dirge song of mine entitled, "One Step Closer". It's on Youtube -- if you move quickly you can be among the first million to view it . . .

the business of America - January 29, 2012

WIth a click click here and a click click there: just stitched together a montage to accompany the opus song from A New Life, The business of America is business -- eight years late but more timely than ever . . .

Unto this world is born . . . - June 9, 2010

ALL WASHED UP is all washed up and ready for sale -- click on the BUY button to purchase or download at CD Baby. Thanks!

it's almost on the table - May 20, 2010

It's finished and finally gone to press -- the boxes from Discmakers should arrive around June 1st (they tell me). All Washed Up, the second CD, will then be available in all its barcoded glory in standard CD jewel case or by download at CDBaby.

hey look at me I'm on YouTube - February 17, 2010

Bob just finished and uploaded a finely edited video of "I'm All Washed Up" onto YouTube. It was a cold windy day out at Golden Gardens beach which enabled me to reveal a slightly deranged side -- my face was numb and my hair was wilder than Neil Young's in front of a hurricane fan, it was great. Just google "michael caufield youtube" and the video should be clickable somewhere on the first page.

Another video of "washed up" (live acoustic version) should be up on YouTube in about a week or so.

ferry rides - January 15, 2010

Mixing and mastering are underway at Blue Ewe Studios on Whidbey Island. David Malony is engineering the process.

A couple of videos for the title song "I'm All Washed Up" are being prepared by Bob Riedlinger for Youtube. He is also handling the jacket layout for the second CD.

All Washed Up will soon be released.

sometime in November - October 18, 2009

Due to this (family business in Montana) and that (fevers and permutating home repairs) it looks like the first appearance of a mixed and mastered ALL WASHED UP (2nd CD) will be in the eleventh month -- "Christmas if you're lucky," said some voice from the molasses control center of best laid plans.

All Washed Up - September 12, 2009

All basic tracks for the second CD >>All Washed Up<< have been completed--mixing and mastering up next.

when Jesus wept

did he really break down and
cry or was there just one
the kind that men make
maybe once or twice in their life -- the kind
that puts a hush
on the womenfolk
regardless how brilliant or inept they might regard a man
otherwise . . .
the apostle I could never be
was made clear the time I broke down
and the womenfolk just kept on talking
as if nothing and myself were new-made synonyms for
a world wrapped up in ignoring the dangers of hell
actually one woman came over
and said now nothing could be so bad as to make a grown
man cry -- wouldn't you like a nice piece of pie
as I climbed back on my horse
I said you know ma'am the secret to a good pie
is in the crust and the secret to a good man is in
the dust
he doesn't raise
when making his approach
or getaway

What I've been doing since the first CD was completed in 2003. - April 12, 2007

Daddy! Daddy! Owen is now four years old.

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